Our Services 
  • We offer Breed Standard Clips or we can find a style that works best on your pet. Lets find something that fits your needs and your pets needs. We believe in comfort and humanity. You won't find us pulling on matting. We start fresh if needed and will help you find the right tools for your pets coat. Our clients are on 2-6 week schedules, this is the best way to avoid heavy matting and keeps your pets skin healthier. Mats will bruise skin, create sores, cause hematomas, hide possible infections and cut circulation. We are more than happy to show you tools to help you maintain your pet between grooms.  We believe in positive experiences, no de-matting services are offered. We are able to remove matting with a clipper by maneuvering a short blade under the Tangles.
  • We offer Nail Buffing (Nail File) plus Paw Soaks $10 , Full Body Mud Masks $20-30 (Seasonal) . Only offering the best in Shampoo and Conditioners. Facials are included unless Hypo-no smell or Oatmeal is requested. (No charge)
Weight Limits
  • For our Haircut and Styling services we have a weight Limit of 5-80 lbs depending on each groomer. At times we are able to accommodate larger pets needing simple clips under a quarter inch. Pets such as Labs or Golden Retrievers. Or as we call them "Sporting shaves". It's ideal for pets who go on Wooded Trails or tend to have a water loving lifestyle. 
  • We follow what our scheduled allows, just send us an email with your request. If we can help you, we'll be happy too. If not, we have a list of places that may have availability or may be a better fit.
Bath and Blow outs are available for some larger pets. Pets between 45 and 80+ lbs must be able to stand on the grooming table and during the bath process. We do not use slings, T-Bars or belly bands or chains and recommend local vet grooming in those cases. We would never want to apply too much pressure to that fragile area. Vet Groomers have assistants that can monitor pets needing this service.   
We Look forward to a Great Relationship with you and your pet.