Pricing -

Please call, Text or Email us for an estimate for your pet.
Reach us at (919) 830-6504. We are more than happy to discuss your pets needs. 
Bath Services include Water Bath, Massage Bathing bubbler, Nails, Ears cleaned and Blow Dry.
Haircuts are priced depending on size, condition and desired style. Price includes Bath, Blow out, Nails, 15 minute brush out, Ears cleaned and haircut. We use Fresh Water-No Reused Water. Individual Water tanks on board for Dirty/Fresh water.  
Pets must be able to stand for certain time periods. We are happy to recommend a vet for special grooms. 
There are no Travel Fees. We offer Hypo, Medicated, Shedding, Deep Cleaning and Conditioning Shampoos. All are available to choose from. Mobile Grooming is perfect for busy lives. Providing Quality Care, state of the art equipment to provide the best results and comfort for your pet.

Bath & Blow outs

2, 4 6, or 8 week appointments. Includes Massage Bath with Fresh Water, Blow Dry by hand, Nails, Ears cleansed and a 15 minute brushout.

We offer Employee/Apartment Community Benefit packages:


Rent our Services by the hour for your Apartment Community, Office Buildings, Real-estate Companies.

Please Call for hourly Rate- Minimum 2 Hours


Event Hourly Pricing-

Please Callnning Title